Why Choose Damos

Damos refers as the ancient name of Kalymnos Island. Thus, choosing Kalymnos as your bunkering station is synonym in choosing Damos itself.

The island is in a unique position, center pointed at any number of important sea routes in Aegean Sea, connecting the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean region to Port Said.

Deliveries can take place at all weather conditions for any size of ship at anchor in the bay close to Kalymnos port breakwater or at positions recommended by the bunkering superintendent depending on the prevailing weather conditions and terminal’s traffic. For all north winds (80%) Kalymnos port anchorage is suitable, Kos’ shore shelters bunkering operations when strong S - SE winds are prevailing, while Pserimos Island protects bunkering operations from SW winds.


 Lat: 36˚ 56’ 97’’ N - Lon: 027˚ 00’ 75’’ E

We have successfully delivered fuel to vessels ex-pipe with our fleet of barges or trucks. Our company has a reputation of maintaining a high standard of safety in all its operations which makes us a trusted and reliable partner in the bunkering business.

  • Convenient geographical location.
  • With today’s ultra-efficient marine engines, bunker quality is critical to efficient fuel consumption and minimising engine wear and tear.  All vessels bunkering at Kalymnos can be assured of our quality as well as safe and efficient delivery.
  • Flexible in adapting to our clients needs and tailor a service that best suits to a fast paced and ever changing market.
  • Vast acquired knowledge and experience within the region.
  • Expertise advice on port suitability and conditions.