Bunkering & marine lubricant supplying is taking place 24 hours - 365 days a year, at the anchorage by bunker tanker, ex-pipe at terminals’ berths for ships of smaller size or with roads tankers.

Fully automated facility, equipped with sophisticated automated blending machinery is offering the highest product homogeneity & compatibility. Full range of High and Low Sulphur Marine Fuel Oil grades and Marine Gas Oil, complying with the latest MARPOL regulations, along with excellent bunkering service & pricing, ensures highest customer fulfilment.

We have solidified our position as one of the bunkering specialists in Greece, as we are committed to offering the best services to our clients.

Key contributing factors to our success:

  • Our ability to provide all-round package, including agency and thus ensuring a smooth operation.
  • The highly qualified professionals consisting our team, has a variety of accumulated, industry related backgrounds and experience in the oil industry, ship broking, ships' agency, oil and gas production
  • We are available and contactable at all times in order to ensure customer demands are met proactively
  • Excellent market reputation

Other services offered are:

  • Lubricants
  • Agency
  • Fresh Water
  • Garbage & slops reception
  • Stores & provisions
  • All diver services
  • Tug boat services

Calling cost

Calling cost is related to DWT for:

0-5000 mts usd 1000
5000-20.000 usd 1200
20.000- above usd 1400

This amount is including
a. Agency/port dues and
b. Delivery cost i.e. tug boat for ex pipe or barge at the roads.

argo logoArgo S.A is the only Greek Oil Company in bunkering, based in Kalymnos.
Argo S.A maintains on the island, two tank-farms from which most of the operations are initiated covering the greater area of Aegean.

The Tank Farms are equipped with expertise machinery, with most important the Automated Shore Blender which guarantees the highest product quality.

Deliveries takes place with 2 barges of dwt 1000mts with sufficient pumping capacities, which are geared to handle all types and sizes of vessels requiring marine fuel and marine gas oil.