Shore Automated Blender (CBI)

Shore Automated Blender (CBI) is a unique tool ensuring highest product quality.

As distillate is the most costly part, blending according to the actual product parameters as once entered in the automated computerized equipment, ensures highest product homogeneity and excellent compatibility.

Blending the correct viscosity marine fuel conforming to the exact specifications is important not only for performance and maintenance of our customers’ engines but also for the cost of the product. Varying requirements for different types and volumes of IFO, LSFO etc. are demanding.  Supplying the right product at the right time and place can be costly and complex.  The solution is Shore Automated Blender.

Buying low cost HFO, blending it with low viscosity product and then supplying the correct viscosity and volumetric quantity at the time of delivery, results in considerable savings in product cost compared to pre-blended products coming through a terminal.

Providing Shore Automated Blender means a high level of flexibility, saved time, decreased cost and at the end of the day highly satisfied customers.